Building Permits

Building Permit

The City of Quinlan requires building permits for all new construction, alterations, or additions. Before a building permit may be issued:
  • All plans, documents, and applicable fees must be submitted to the City for approval
  • Applications must be legible with completed information, dated, and signed by the builder
  • All of the builders MEP contractors must be listed on the application 
  • Verified address with lot, block, subdivision, and phase is required on all applications
  • All Contractors performing work within the City of Quinlan's jurisdiction must be registered with the City
  • Construction or building without a permit is subject to a fine equal to double the permit fee 

Plan Review

The City will verify that all documents are complete and forward information to Bureau Veritas for Plan Review.  Bureau Veritas will contact the applicant directly if additional information and/or documents are required and to discuss any noncompliance or deviation from the City's zoning and adopted code requirements.

Construction Site

  • A temporary property address must be posted at the front of the lot and readable from the street. Permanent street numbers must be displayed before final inspection
  • A portable sanitary restroom for workers MUST be on the property until the final inspections are approved
  • Construction area shall be maintained until job completion. NO construction material, debris, or sanitary restroom facility shall be placed or stored in the public right-of-way or drainage areas at any time
  • Erosion control must be in place prior to the first inspection


  • Inspection requests related to building construction must be submitted to; 
Bureau Veritas 
Phone: 877-837-8775/Toll free 877-837-8775
Fax: 877-837-8859/Toll free 877-837-8859 
  • Inspection request made to Bureau Veritas, should be made after the permit has been approved and issued
  • Inspections received by 5:00 p.m., Monday-Friday will be performed the next business day
  • Permit packets including the approved plans, documents, and all inspections tickets must be on site at the time of the inspection
  • Final inspection must be passed prior to occupancy of the building