Refuse Services

Garbage Collection - Residential Poly-cart

Trash Deposit:

  • Owner/Occupant: $20
  • Residential Rental: $50

Weekly Pickup Rate

First cart $11.40 per month, each additional cart $5.40 per month; with max of three poly-carts.


  • Weekly pick-up is on Wednesday (Starting October 3rd, Trash Pick-Up will move to Tuesdays)
  • Carts should be placed by the street by 7:00 am. 
  • All trash must be in the cart
  • On the last pick-up of the month; up to 5 items/brush can be outside the cart on the last collection day of the month.  One of these items can be a bulk item
  • No trash bag/items/"bulky" items weighing over 50lbs will be picked-up

Brush Collection

  • Residents may place up to five bundles of brush outside their poly-cart, on the last pick-up of the month
  • Each bundle needs to be no more than 4 feet in length and no more than 3 feet in diameter of 50lbs in weight and each bundle shall be securely bounded
  • No bundle should exceed 50 pounds

Residential Bulky Items

Additional "bulky" Items will need to be scheduled for pick-up on the last pick-up day of the month, by calling Sanitation Solutions at (903) 784-0124 at least 24 hrs prior to collection day.

Garbage Collection -  Commercial Poly-cart

Trash Deposit:

  • Poly-cart: $50.00
  • Dumpster: Please contact the Utility Clerk for any information

Weekly Pickup Rate: 

First cart $24.00 per month, two carts $42.00, three carts (maximum) $54.00. 

  • Weekly pick-up is on Tuesday

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