Recycling & Composting

Curbside Recycling
This program provides for same-day curbside recycling, and garbage, and motor oil pick-up. If you need help specializing in a business or multi-family recycling program, call the Environmental Services Department at 785-587-3728, or Waste Management of Civic County 785-587-8710.

Garbage Program
For more information on the Garbage Program, please contact Waste Management of Civic County at (785) 587-8710.

Household Hazardous Waste Program
This program provides for the proper disposal of solvents, chemicals, paint, pesticides, syringes, or sharps. For more information, call Household Hazardous Waste at 800-606-6606.

Marina Used Oil Program
Contact International Marina at 785-587-3716. A used motor oil recycling depot has been installed near the fuel dock at the marina. This service is free to the public.

Composting / Worm Composting Program
Contact the Civic County Waste Management Authority at 785-587-SOIL.

Recycle fruits, vegetables, and yard trimmings in your own backyard to produce a great soil additive, or use a worm composting bin for composting vegetable food wastes using red worms.