Special Operations

Division Units
The Special Operations Division consists of several smaller specialized units. These units are trained to deal with specific types of criminal activity:
  • Crime Suppression / SWAT
  • Gang and Narcotics Unit
  • Traffic Unit
For more information on the Special Operations Division, please contact the Division commander, Captain Mark Robinson, at 785-587-1853.

Crime Suppression / SWAT
The Crime Suppression Unit is a mobile-response unit consisting of officers who have also received SWAT training. The Crime Suppression Unit provides the flexibility to move these resources to any number of places throughout the city.

Gang & Narcotics Unit
The Gang and Narcotics Unit is responsible for acquiring and developing information regarding the manufacture, sale, and distribution of narcotics in the city and monitoring gang activity. In addition to gang surveillance and investigation, the unit also provides several community resources and outreach programs designed to prevent gangs and gang violence. To learn more about these resources, contact us at 785-587-1853. 

Traffic Unit

The Traffic Unit employs both vehicle and motorcycle officers to enforce traffic laws in Civic City. Officers in the unit are trained in the latest speed-detection equipment as well as trained in the area of fatality and serious-injury investigation.