The Afghanistan-Iraq War Memorial Wall

                                    The American Legion Post 517 and the City of Quinlan, Texas                                                                                                Proudly Presents                                                                       The Afghanistan-Iraq War Memorial Wall

The wall contains the names and pictures of the men and women from Texas who died defending our freedoms from 2003-2015

                                 Where: Quinlan Community Park-415 Spur 264 Quinlan, TX                                                      (Bad Weather alternate venue location: D.C. Cannon Elementary-413 Spur 264 Quinlan, TX)

                                  When: November 11th, Veterans Day 2017

                                  Time: 2pm

                                   Speakers: Senator Bob Hall                                                                                                                                           Mayors: Jacky Goleman-Quinlan, TX                                                                                                                        Keith Goodson-West Tawakon, TX                                                                                                             Johnnie LaPrade-East Tawakoni, TX

                                   Singers: Kathy Rushing, Dana Gibbs and Kathy Windham

This will be a good chance for you and your children to see the wall and watch our program.  The men and women on the wall died for the freedoms you enjoy today in this country.  Come help us honor them and show them the respect they so richly deserve.  There is no man or woman greater than those who are willing to lay down their life for God, Their Family and Their Counrty!